Ken: Out & Proud


Ken depicted in a post by Reckless Shit on Tumblr. Certainly one type of bromo. But let’s be real: We all knew Ken was gay from the jump. But he’s a real diva; bitch ain’t even woke up ’til 11-something and he still werkin’ that makeup bag with the celly on his lap. Get it!

We here at Bromo Say What?! are accepting of all bromos and their respective decisions to rock whatever they want to wear, but we absolutely cringe at that little flower on the slip. We. Cringe. But you totally make up for it with that Pinot Grigio in the ice bucket in the back! And the Pinot is what we’re going to focus on, not the environmentally-unfriendly bottled water behind you.  Again, Ken: Werk!


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