So, I thought I’d move off the beaten path a bit to talk about something random. Bigger and better than anything you ever knew, is my favorite animal: The Leopard.

Not only great for providing inspiration for bags and shoes (I’m still looking for an affordable pair, but if you’re of means, hop on over to a fellow leopard-print lover to check out these beauties below),

Leopards are amazingly bomb-tastic. They are adaptable and can live anywhere from the tip of South Africa to the coast of Morocco. And they aren’t only on the African continent. They span through the middle east, South Asia, and all the way into Far East Asia into Korea.

Many people have animals that they identify with and call on to gather strength during tough times. When I’m trying to own something, I call on the leopard. Those who know it know that it is rather solitary and private. The leopard prefers to sit away and observe; they would rather know what is going on before jumping into anything like some kind of n00b. Always go in with a plan, a kill move, and at least three exit strategies. But by the way bitches be wearin’ it like it’s their job, you’d think the leopard were a common beast.The leopard is NOT a common beast, nor is it a common whore. That pussy is expensive! 😉

Another thing the leopard excels at is patience. In the wild, a leopard will literally stalk prey for hours without moving, waiting for the right time to strike in an explosive display of speed and power. What’s even more, they’re cunning and adaptive. In order to take down a member of a zebra herd, one leopard was reported to have rolled around in mud and elephant dung in order to conceal its scent, and while stalking the herd, actually played dead, waiting for it’s target to come closer! That’s what I’m talking about! (Minus the poop.)

The bromo would be shrewd to imitate the leopard’s qualities. Leopards are the smallest of the big cats, but are no means the most helpless. In fact, it’s their size and mental strength that gives them the edge over bigger animals like the football players lions and tigers. Talk about real power play!!


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