Bromos love to volunteer. A good mission trip, the occasional community organizing, anything with a walk—the bromo is a creature who thrives off of doing stuff for free.

And it’s OK—the love and admiration is enough payment (translation: we’ll be calling on your support for the next AIDS walk.)

The urge to volunteer and organize stems from goodness knows where, but every person reading this knows at least one bromo who’s always inviting them to stuff on Facebook. And if it’s a non-private party, you can bet the tagline will read: “All/most proceeds go to <insert cause/charity here>.”

Bromos are community-oriented. We bond over story times and H2BT moments. And if we aren’t out bar-hopping, we’re finding stuff to get angry and subsequently active about. The biggest bromos do volunteer work: GLSEN and HRC anybody? Well, they’re probably getting paid if it’s big time, but it’s still work for our communities. Big wig bromos and smalltime bromos alike do volunteer work.

Eco-Bromos reduce our carbon footprint; Marxist-Bromos tote around the Communist Manifesto preaching class equality; Health-Bromos keep your ass clear of STDS; and Bartender-Bromos help every other kind of bromo get through the week. Even Fashionista-Bromos volunteer in their own way: Those quips about your hideously-cut mohawk aren’t only for their entertainment. In their own roundabout way, they are doing community service by even being around you without a Prada-made HAZMAT suit.

If you aren’t on the cause-train by now, here are some causes and organizations that you might enjoy.

      1. AIDS Research
      2. LGBT Rights
      3. Human Rights
      4. Animal Rights
      5. Anti-War Activism
      6. Preserving the Arts
      7. Preserving Cultural Sites

Get with the times, bromo! If you didn’t know, you’ve got no excuse to not start volunteering to make your community a better place to live in. You can complain that you aren’t getting paid, but if everyone did that, well, you can kiss equal rights in your state goodbye. Oh, yes: We went there. If you want to volunteer in another way, you can like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter!!


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  1. In my country the idea of volunteering is only at its beginnings, that is why I have great respect for those who actually apply it in their lives.
    It was a pleasure discovering you, thank you for offering me the opportunity :)> Kisses.

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