Bromo Say Award?!


So it’s been three weeks since the creation of Bromo Say What?!, and I am blessed by the heavens and thankful to have met so many wonderful people who encouraged and showed interest in working with me in this short period of time. One in particular (Unikorna at Why I Wake Up Every Day) believed in me and bestowed upon me this blog award: The 7×7 Link Award. Upon being awarded, you fill out the following information and pass the award to those you think deserve it. :3 (It made my last two days VERY awesome!)

The Most Beautiful Post
College – This was my first post and the establishment of the bromo as an identity outside of usage with my one of my testie-besties. I think this was before I decided to make the mission of BSW more about helping than about observing the bromo in all his incarnations. I call this the beautiful one because it was unadulterated by the idea of activism. Just a pure observation.

The Most Helpful Post
Volunteering – There is nothing better than giving up time to better your community, and we bromos have it down to a science. We know what it’s like to not have things—material, emotional or otherwise—and so if we can give someone time or labor, we evolve as people and make the world a little brighter.

The Most Popular Post
Owning It – I think this speaks to what the blog was intended for: Confidence. We all have flaws, but we have to be able to work on them or have the courage to—dare I say it—accept ourselves as we are. Bromo Say What?! is all about confidence-building.

The Most Controversial Post
“Fat.” Yeah, I said it. – It’s controversial because the body is not something you talk about unless it’s the way the societal discourse dictates that you do. Unless reflects the way Vogue or Cosmo would have the reader believe the body should look like, the body is passed over or ridiculed. I say fuck that.

The Most Surprisingly Successful Post
“Fat.” Yeah, I said it. – I think this fits into this category as well because Bromo Say What?! doesn’t get that much attention. Upon advertising this particular post, the blog’s stats shot up from the usual 3 or 4 views to 38 (a lot for me), I got comments on the site and Facebook comments, as well as a friend who offered to help write!

The Most Underrated Post
Ken: Out & Proud – I know it’s just a doll, but Ken has so much symbolism in his own right, not just juxtaposed next to Barbie. He was intended to represent masculinity, but the amount of gay jokes he gets is astounding. That pic-post I think has soooooo much underlying symbolism just waiting to be unpacked.

The Most Pride-Worthy
Ani-Bromo – I love leopards. They say something to me that no other animal (or human) can. They convey a primal instinct to be successful despite not being the smartest, the strongest or the most beautiful. They just adapt to whatever their situation is and go on from there.

And now here’s the part where it get’s great! I can stop talking about my stuff and lead readers to amazingness! I bestow this award
Andy at Tisdel’s Tirades
Willa at Refugee
Betch at Betches Love This Site
The Unknown Author of My MANy Bags
Katie at College & Other Pesky Things!

And I know this is not a traditional blog and that I’ve already used up my five award slots, but I would like to also add Mickey/Todd of Mickey Elliott Blog . He’s consistently hilarious and awful sweet! I am so thankful to have been given this award, and I hope it serves as inspiration to others to continue. Also, I hope I’ve led you to awesome blogs! :3


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  1. Congratulations again. I love your sharp yet subtle irony and your universal sense of humor. Reading you is an enjoyment. I also like your choices for the award. I am looking forward to your new posts :).

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