Bromo Indifference (Not Giving a Fuc–hoot!!)


Bromos love to look like we don’t give a fuck hoot. 50% of the time, it’s because we don’t, and 50% of the time because we want you to think we don’t. If we had a fuck hoot, we wouldn’t give it to you. In fact, if you have a fuck hoot, you didn’t get it from a bromo, because a bromo simply doesn’t give a fuck hoot. In this beautifully done video of Claudio Maddox Lake describing the fucks hoots he doesn’t give, the essence of bromo indifference in the social scene (if we aren’t volunteering) is brought into the highest regard.

Have a problem with the way I walk? I don’t give a fuck hoot. Don’t like what I have to say? A fuck hoot is not something I give to you. Got milk? Well it’s good you have something, because you don’t got a fuck hoot from me.

Bromos tend to be indifferent as a side effect of the silent war with the society we live in. We want to be full citizens of our nations, but we can’t get married or adopt children. We want to be patriotic, but the “most patriotic” of our countrymen love telling us how “God H8s Fags.” It’s this mild schizophrenia of trying to be ‘respectable’ the way we were raised to be without turning traitor to the “ideals of gayness”—whatever those are. (Do not misread respectable as respectful; respectable is relative and pressed from the outside, whereas respectfulness is inner-driven.)

indifferenceYou can tell when a bromo is behind a wall of indifference because if you’ve seen one bored phoning, this is ten times worse. At least with bored phoning, we look like we’re doing something worthwhile. With outright indifference, we could be staring you right in your face and not giving a fuck hoot like we’re getting paid for every second we don’t blink.

But it isn’t all bad, because you can either scale the unemotional barb-wired wall and be that special one, or you can shatter the only thing that allows the bromo to keep from crying at every provocation wall and risk having your face shattered (or receiving grudging and undying love and respect for being brave). At any rate, indifference isn’t absolute, but cocktails can contain Absolut.

And in honor of every bromo that could not give any less of a fuck hoot:


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