A bromo is a breath of fresh air in a sea of material pettiness.
A bromo protects his interests, his honor, and Truth, whatever that means.
A bromo is confident in his life and his ability to do anything he sets his mind to.
A bromo may not be perfect, but he is himself perfectly.
A bromo knows that it is not shameful to be gay or bi, and he carries himself well in that knowledge.
If a bromo has a reputation that precedes him, he can be sure that people will want to stay in the room to meet the man behind it.
A bromo is an anchored pillar in life’s confusion: Dependable and strong.

The bromo is the quintessential gay man—the one who can tile a roof, bake a cake, design an outfit, and escort you to a special event and be the life of the party while still highlighting you in a good way.  He is confident in himself and can do anything he sets his mind to. But make no mistake, the bromo is not one image. He is Asian, African-descent, Latino, white, Middle-Eastern, skinny, chunky, fluffy, queeny, athletic, musical, artistic, and so much more. That said, the bromo respects his elders, he helps his parents, he does what is best for the youngsters in his family and his community. And finally, the bromo is the pinnacle of respect, having it for himself and others.

We at Bromo Say What?! are of the understanding that while it does get better, that’s eventually. We are future-oriented, sure, but there is also the here and now to contend with. Bullying and self-hatred run rampant in our youth and so to combat that, we present to you this blog: A satirical exaggeration of gay male life that we hope will lift your spirits in times of sadness—or if you just need a good laugh!