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Bromo Across the Board: MARVELous DC Publishing


“He’s someone you would want to watch over your children,” Robinson said of *@&#. “Presenting that kind of a heroic role model hopefully will be a good thing and help to show gays in a positive light for people who might be a little more small-minded.”

Can’t figure out who’s being referred to? Well, random nonsensical characters tend to do that. But this Bromo isn’t cruel, so here are some hints:

  1. He’s represented by the color green.
  2. His logo is a lantern. That’s green.

Figured it out? If not, it’s the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott! Today (June 1) is the day that the Green Lantern was re-conceptualized as being gay, amongst other DC universe changes: Superman is no longer married to Lois Lane, a criminal organization is operating in Gotham City (if not running it entirely) without Batman’s knowledge, etc. Here’s the rest of the story.

Now that that’s done with, let’s figure out what this means for the Green Lantern. Being gay-ified, will he become the Pink Lantern? Will his skin-tight costume become any tighter? (Please, please, please say yes!) Will his baking skills increase tenfold? When in the bar, will his wingman actually be a woman named Giulia who’s a sassy, hot Italian with a penchant for boosting the confidence of her gay boys and getting them to play nice with others? … Slightly serious about that last one.

At any rate, this represents a new face on an old race. The Race for Representation among comic titles is now entering its Queer phase. Whereas the hot topic was the inclusion of African-Americans during the Civil Rights era and the anti-discriminatory messages post-9/11 concerning Arabs and Muslims, the messages that “Gay is OK” are saturating the pages of comics like never before. And whether it’s profit-driven or not, I salute both Marvel and D.C. for their taking steps to be socially responsible media producers. And speaking of Marvel, did you know that Northstar is getting married?

Our bromo Northstar of the X-Men, the hot Canadian Jean-Paul Beaubier, is getting married on June 27, 2012! And to those who aren’t with the times, Northstar isn’t getting gay-married, he isn’t getting a civil union, he’s getting married! His partner, Kyle Jinadu, is Northstar’s brand manager and now fiancé, ever since Northstar rescued the kidnapped Jinadu from some baddies. Spectators predict a relationship filled with complications, based on the fact that Beaubier is a mutant and Jinadu is a baseline human, but they’ve agreed to meet on common ground since neither can gain much traction in the other’s social sphere. This Bromo sees a beautiful life ahead for the two lovebirds.

In order to RSVP and secure your spot at the wedding, you can pick up a copy of Astonishing X-Men (#51) when it’s published! I can hear the bells, can you?


Bromo Bravery


Bromo bravery if ever I saw it! This is real leadership; it’s through example!

I’ll definitely get to posting about this and other forms of braverism and couragiosity–characteristic traits of the bromo–now this now that my senior project is starting to get out of the way…..

Our Bromo Spider-Man?


Hey bromos and friends!

We don’t usually do this, but this blog’s been here for about two months, so we guess ‘usually’ is relative, eh? Anyway, we wanted to introduce a new (possible) bromo on the block: Miles Morales!


Comic fans may be aware, in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Spider-Man has died. Miles Morales has taken his place as the new Spidey. Now bromos are a lot of things, but superhero just might be something else we can add to the roster (not that there haven’t been gay male superheroes before). It isn’t written in stone yet, though:

Another surprise could be in the pipeline after his creators said that in the future they would not rule out making him gay.

What do you guys think? The Ultimate Universe in Marvel is basically a parallel universe that re-imagines the characters from the Marvel Universe and reinterprets their stories. Spider-Man was always a white guy, so a half-Black/half-Latino possibly gay interpretation would have people from all walks of life thinking: What would be different? Maybe more of a chance that he’d get a ticket for swinging-while-Black?

I haven’t picked up a comic in quite some time, but if he’s hot I may as well it might be cool to see what’s going on in the comic-sphere. You know, see if this new Spidey is a stickler for a story time with the brotrio, or if, like the old Spidey, he was into journalism. Maybe he’s a writer who’d be willing to write for us (if he doesn’t you still can!). Or maybe part of his power set, aside from web-slinging, includes advanced forms of power play. If this is the case, let us sit and learn from the master at work! If not, we still have the sexy-fine Mystique for that!

Read more about Miles Morales as the new (possibly gay) Spider-Man here:

FALLing for Style Tips (TITLE FAIL!!)


Model Jeremy Tang

Fall has fallen, and so have Nicki Minaj’s panties in Superbass the Northern hemisphere’s leaves—usually signaling the New Year in the world of fashion! All bromos are not as fashion-forward as Liberace, or our favorite HBICs Wilhelmina Slater and Miranda Priestly, but no one who sees us can deny that we have style that is all our own. Whether we derive our style by deviating off of current fashions, or we make it up along as we go, a bromo is always a sight to behold.

At any rate, for those of us who can’t pull off the looks seen in Vogue Magazine (or don’t want to dish out $3,000 on a pair of jeans that don’t connect to the internet or even have bluetooth—seriously?! how can people even justify the price of $90 briefs?), here are some tips from one self-describe snazzy dresser to my bromos and divas in distress!

By the way style and fashion are totally different. Style refers to your own likings and affects—the way you put together pieces of clothing and the attitude and values you attribute to your garments when you wear them. Fashion is an industry that promotes consumerism in various textile and dye areas while commodifying culture

Total Outfits
If it’s mid-to-late fall, it’s probably going to be a little nippy. A nice dark turtleneck over light corduroy pants with brown shoes (light or dark socks dependent on the overall color scheme) and a black or brown belt presents a very standard and conservative image. If you want to rebel against the hierarchy of light-dark dichromaticism, throw in a bright funky-colored belt: Leaf-colored bright orange or yellow; trying-to-hold-onto-summer sky blue—the possibilities are endless! Tuck in the turtleneck so that your admirers can see how off-the-wall, yet still classy you are. It’s the ultimate irony, and hipsters will probably be all over that next spring!

Also in the spirit of fall, but decidedly less conservative, try some animal-print pants. (I have no idea what animal-print has to do with fall, to be honest.) Leopard-print is a personal fave, but zebra or jaguar couldn’t hurt. And since you’re off the wall like a monkey at this point, a crazy graphic tee couldn’t hurt. And mix it up! If you decide on baggy pants, try for a shrunken/small/form-fitting tee. If you go with tight pants, an oversized tee makes is always eye-catching. I personally prefer a tight-on-top/baggy-on-bottom deal, but I tend to trend casual-formal events with a tight-all-over deal (tight not meaning skin-tight, but form-fitting) and casual outings with baggier apparel. Also, try accessorizing with a scarf or hat. Or, gulp, those lens-less glasses that are so “hip.”

And for the crazy folk that want to usurp Gaga Minaj as a a put-together trainwreck (however that works), go crazy and get wild. “How?” you may ask. Well, it’s a fair—after all, crazy is an acquired taste and the bravery to show your craziness is doubly rare. Well, think about this:

crazy baby whale friendsAs unbelievably lame as that is (and the fact that it took 30 minutes to make on MS Paint), by letting go, that’s when the genius within starts to shine. When you’re shopping or going through your closet, be careless and pull out things that don’t necessarily match! When you start to put them together, be reasonless and do not justify anything to yourself. Be adamant in your final choice when you find a match you like that doesn’t match. And finally, be zesty and bring some flair and attitude into your choice! whY? I dunno. That’s just how it works.

You might wind up looking like Dobby from Harry Potter, but you’ll be surprised how many people dress up like him for Halloween! And if you carry yourself proudly and boldly in your craziness (toning it down as necessary), you may just start a trend. Or even get a modeling deal, becoming the fashion world’s next IT boy. Bromo Say What?! would totally endorse you if you did!

Bromos and the Gay Pet Complex and its Complexities


So I laughed my ass off at this blog post by this pretty lady. Her name is Tricia and she said this funny thing and I totes lol’d. In this post, I’m going to say a lot of culturally critical things. If you want to just skip the explanation and cut to the chase, ignore the next two paragraphs and start reading beneath the FedEx symbol.

Yes, I understand that this image is subject to Marxian analysis as it intersects ideology, consumer/market habits, race and/or nationialism, but damn it just enjoy the image and think what I want you to think about it!

Cultural criticism is defined by Wikipedia as “knowledge via interpretation to understand the meaning of human texts and symbolic expressions—including the interpretation of texts which are themselves implicitly or explicitly the interpretation of other texts. Critical social theory is, in contrast, a form of self-reflective knowledge involving both understanding and theoretical explanation to reduce entrapment in systems of domination or dependence, obeying the emancipatory interest in expanding the scope of autonomy and reducing the scope of domination.” Basically, cultural critics look at a text (advertisement, literature, picture, movie, etc.—any type of cultural product) and interprets it at its rawest, most basic form. It’s sometimes called Marxian analysis, but many cultural critics/theorists are actually not Marxist. Go figure. Also, I would like to thank feminist analysis (a distinct branch of cultural/Marxian analysis) for the particular point of view this post takes.

Ruined your life! You can't un-see it now!

Bromo Say What?! knows that the bromo is intelligent and worldly and is totally fierce to boot. But bromos differ from each other widely and some may be more in tune with our culture’s ways than others. That said, BSW?! is not responsible for any words or ideas which may turn your world upside down, tear asunder your illusions, and send the sanctuary of your own ignorance crashing down around you. Initiate, you have been warned. Once your eyes have been opened, they cannot be closed… Like how when you see the arrow in the FedEx logo between the second E and the X.

So now, the blog post, which comes from Confessions of a Recovering Cynic:

I’m now accepting applications for a BFF.
The position doesn’t pay a salary, but I’ll feed you salacious bites of sexual information about my fiancé, who is hot, ripped and heavily tattooed. Pictures are a possibility.
In exchange, I’ll expect you to suggest I wear fishnet shirts and squeal with me when we gossip. If you wear plaid pants and a campy hat, that would be marvelous.

I mean, it’s satire, so all you critical analysis scholars shouldn’t take it too seriously. (Seriously, Tricia’s cool–check out her stuff.) Anyway, Tricia plays on the heteronormative hierarchy that places heterosexuality in the position of agent and the bromo as child or pet. Women, who are in the societal hierarchy beneath men, are above gay men in this hierarchy on the basis of sexual orientation (I won’t get into race/ethnicity/etc. but you get the idea). In this instance, Tricia takes on the role of a human looking to replace a pet because it ran away. She fondly remembers her last gay BFF’s affection and wants to replace it with another’s just like it. And like I emphasized, it’s a role, meaning that the world is a stage and we play different parts in whatever production of society we find ourselves in at any given moment.

Bromos, I daresay, enjoy playing the role of gay pet from time to time. This isn’t always true, and sometimes the bromo, claiming his position as a man, is the dominant force in the gay man/straight woman relationship, and then you have, in direct contrast to the gay pet relation, the fag hag or fruit fly relationship. BSW?! wouldn’t be complete without an entry on that relationship, so I’ll hop right to it soon, but in a nut shell, the gay man is the one who keeps the straight woman around as an auxiliary who isn’t a part of the gay pack. I point this out to ask bromos to remain gentle and not be so high and mighty in case this post incites ideological violence against the straight woman/gay pet relationship. It’s not harmful if both people gain mutual benefit.

(Joan of Arc) Diva: The female version of a hustler, or a straight up gangsta?

My theory, especially for effeminate men (upcoming post: Why Bromos Support Effeminate Men and the Reason Straight Men Can’t Live Without Them) is that they are drawn to strong women who exude confidence and authority (read: that’s why we love us some divas). Not falling into the abusive dichotomous relationship in society of being mandated to play the masculine role and denying ourselves the ability to explore the feminine, bromos dare to admire and lift the heterosexual woman in society by selflessly helping her choose clothes for the party giving proper respect where it is due—and respect for women in society is long overdue.

It is this respect for women, sometimes to the point of imitation, which I think many young boys who don’t play sports or engage in traditionally male activities turn to suicide to correct. As they are unable to cope with the pressure and ultimately find peace in death—something BSW desires to fight with all its being—they deny the world their light, creativity and beauty. Yes, I do think American society, for all the freedom it preaches (operative word, preaches) is the number one killer behind lgbt individuals, behind discrimination and hate crimes—both of which are bountiful in American culture. (Upcoming post: The Challenges Transgendered People Face; possibly an interview—SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL OR LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR UPDATES! Both options are on the sidebar to the right of this page!!)

Another theory I have about the straight female/pet gay comes straight (lmao) from the societal hierarchy and the recognition of it. The straight woman and bromo are both aware that there is a ladder and that neither of them are privileged enough to be at the top because they are not heterosexual males (upper class and white/European descent being excluded from the example due to the fact that I do not know the specific class status or race/ethnicity of the reader and I seek to reach a broad audience while some of these markers only apply to the West and then to the United States; this exclusion, I recognize, marginalizes the experiences of people of color—another culturally disenfranchised group). That said, because they recognize their lower status, they find comfort and belonging in their similarities as being parts of marginalized groups and band together to withstand the waves of cultural appropriation that demand them see things from the point of view of the heterosexual male.

Below I’ve put two images that show what the gay BFF is expected to be. I’m just going to take it critic style for a second to explain these images (I haven’t done this since first semester of Junior year! So much fun!)

Megan Mullally/Karen Walker and Sean Hayes/Jack McFarland

In this image depicting Jack and Karen from TV’s Will & Grace, Karen displays power by sitting upright and showing control over her emotions. Her straight back and upright position exudes confidence and self reliance and, by extension, control over her surroundings (Jack included). Jack, on the other hand, reclines in a leisurely fashion and responds to Karen with a some sort of positive emotion (joy? humor?) and points, as if to pay homage. He is in a position that is less powerful, in that if someone attacked right then, he would be less able to protect himself than Karen would be. Even their clothing suggest dominance and submissiveness, for Karen is in formal attire that allows her to travel freely through the public sphere, as opposed to Jack, who wears pajams. It would appear that he is sick, for he’s got a blanket covering him and a bowl of what I presume to be soup at his side, but even his supposed illness is less priveleged than Karen’s healthy disposition. And those earrings are fierce! The earrings she wears also point to a position of wealth (and she is extremely wealthy) over Jack’s unadorned ears (or anything else). She is bisexual, but I honestly feel that in the show, that is an auxiliary part of her identity.

Vanessa Williams/Wilhelmina Slater and Michael Urie/Marc St. James

In this image depicting Wilhelmina Slater and Marc St. James from Ugly Betty, the same tropes from the Jack/Karen image apply more or less. It goes to say that Will & Grace helped to pave the way for gay characters to appear favorably in the medium of television, and the Jack/Karen way of portraying straight women and gay mean is extremely popular and profitable. Anyawy, in the image, Wilhelmina is showing more constraint, and more poise. Even though she is wearing clothing made for women and Marc wears clothing meant for men (read: women’s clothing is seen to show inferiority while the men’s suit stereotypically exudes authority) the solid color of the garments versus Marc’s slew of color speaks volumes in how it appears. They both look into the distance over the camera, but Marc holds himself as if anything in the environment can affect him whereas Wilhelmina’s body posture, though leaning forward (not slouched), is predatory in nature, as if she can take on any threat that came her way head on.

This image differs from Jack/Karen in that Wilhelmina is African-American (you couldn’t tell). It puts the hierarchy into limbo considering whiteness is more privileged than blackness, and yet, heterosexuality is more privileged than homosexuality. If they were equal in terms of power and up for a promotion, who’s merit would account for more if their ethnicities and sexualities were examined? An Afro-American heterosxual woman or a white homosexual man? Oppression Olympic judges might note that Wilhelmina has two strikes against her (race and gender) whereas Marc only has one (sexual orientation). Which leads to the question: Are they in a place like Atlanta, Georgia (with a Black majority and a fair amount of Black influence) or Seattle, Washington?

Another post you can check out is Betches Love This: #52 The Gay BFF.

The most amazing trait of the gay bestie is that they LOVE drama and always have way more scandalous stories than you, which makes [the betch] feel like less of a slut. You suddenly feel better about having sex with three different guys last weekend when your gay bestie informs you he just had a threesome in the Equinox bathroom this morning.

This site, in a way stronger than Tricia, cultivates the bromo as a pet gay, but also allows him the agency to do what he wants. The reason for this is because the betch, as described on the blog, is a fiercely independent and slightly amoral individual, and expects the same of all of the associates the she does not keep around for the sake of manipulation. The betch, they posit, is always going to be on top and is always going to win at everything (because they’re competitive as shit), but the bromo has the ability to rise to glory in the same way—if he’s betchy enough, that is.

Also, please note that THAT ENTIRE SITE IS SATIRICAL, so don’t be heckling the betches who run it about how they’re so misguided and whatnot. Or do, I suppose, if you are not a fan of ironic cultural criticism or the negative media effects that satire inevitably produces.

To conclude the post after all of this, I don’t think it’s wrong to take a submissive role. If a bromo has a strong-willed gal pal and he feels more at ease cuddling up to her and letting her make decisions as he admire her strength, it does not mean the bromo is being abused or dehumanized. It becomes a problem when the woman legitimately believes that all gay men are the same, or are only good for giving compliments or choosing her spring color palate.

Also, don’t not enjoy a wall of text, picture, movie, etc. because you recognize the trope being played out. It happens in real life and sometimes the text is merely making an observation, not pigeonholing all gays into a singular type. But bromos do reserve the right to criticize the hell out of it—after all, gays are catty bitches, right? 😉 Maybe, for the sake of empowerment, I’ll write a post about how we can use the way straight society sees us as a power play.

NOTE: This post was NOT supposed to become a thesis. I meant to just talk up this blog post I read and enjoyed the other day. You guys know I like to keep things light, but I guess even I get hot and heavy at times. I’ve got needs too damnit! You can’t just come over, take me, and expect me to be happy with the arrangement! On that note, have a great day! 😀

Also, once again, don’t be hatin’ on Tricia! Her post amused me, I hope it entertains you as well. Oh, and she’s awesome! She’s at and I hope you find something you like there!