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Bromo Bravery


Bromo bravery if ever I saw it! This is real leadership; it’s through example!

I’ll definitely get to posting about this and other forms of braverism and couragiosity–characteristic traits of the bromo–now this now that my senior project is starting to get out of the way…..


Bromos to the Radio


Sooo, we’ve been doing our tumblr thing again and found just the cutest little gif series. This one is called “Listening to the Radio.” I found it on it’s all whatev, run by alwaysbigsmiles Funny as hell! 🙂

Whenever Nicki Minaj comes on

Whenever Adele comes on

Whenever Wiz Khalifa comes on

Whenever Carrie Underwood comes on

Whenever Justin Bieber comes on

Whenever Lady Gaga comes on

Bromos like to be in control, hence the necessity for power plays and gay packs. But the real HBICs know that the radio is not the place for that. Get your ass an iPod and make a playlist: It’ll be as if the radio were controlled by you!

Get into the Mix


Bromos love mixes. Whether it’s a mixed drink, a party with mixed company, or looking at sexy ambiguously mixed men and completely objectifying them by attempting to itemize their ethnic characteristics and ultimately deciding if he’s just ethnic enough so that you can bring him home to the parents oggling them, bromos don’t do anything on the straight or narrow. That said, we found this beautiful mix of songs great for starting our pregame this evening.

It’s a house/dance mix of massively popular songs from earlier this year put together by Youtube user DJHennerz.

This is an electro/house mix for the real party. Break it out only once that party has started. And the visuals are pretty great too. So if you party with a projector, you’re in luck! This reminds me, I want to throw a gay night at our school’s night club. I think it would be a lot of fun! Or the room might work—that way, we can have real cocktails with only a portion of the judging!

Homage to Tumblr’s “Miranda Priestley” tag


I’ve been tumbling lately (Check me out!!) and I realized that Miranda Priestly is all up in this betch. Anybody who knows me knows I love this woman like my own daughter *cough*. That said, feel free to enjoy the narrative proceeding these messages outlining the symbolic and literal impact that a bromo has on the world. 🙂

The moment you enter the room

The moment somebody interrupts your story time or H2BT moment

The moment somebody interrupts you and again

The moment you play with your prey before you pull a power play

The moment they realize they’re messing with the HBIC

The moment you put them in their place

The moment you lay down the final law

Bromos are the baddest betches: Not only because we do as we please, but generally, we are pleased with what we do. Miranda Preistley is the epitome of that. Never, I say, never in your life, get a bromo to the point where he makes you his bitch. We seriously do not play that. If you have to ask, we will dismiss you.

"That's all."

Our Bromo Adele


Adele. Uh-del. Uh-Dayle. Uh-Dee-Lee. Betch is a fuck’n BOSS.

Bromos love us some Adele. She is a staple for our best H2BT moments at the bar when the drag queen is doing her thing on stage. And anyone who says they haven’t sang “Rumor Has It” in the shower after hearing it twice is a dirty liar and should be put to death in the most painful way possible.

Shavonna B Brooks: HBIC Drag Queen. Click pic for more info

Adele is as big and bad as she wants to be. At Bromo Say What?! we encourage people to see past appearances, but we don’t condone social blindness. We encourage owning it. That said, Adele gives comfort to the people who aren’t stick-thin anorexic, and who know they are amazing despite their size if they happen to not be able to fit into a size zero or 28, as is the case for me.. I WANTED THOSE SKINNY JEANS!!! UGH…. Anyhoozle, we absolutely love her here. She is amazingly talented, she’s beautiful, and if we could, we would be her. Seriously. We would be her.

(We’re going to lay off Rolling in the Deep for now. We know it’s going to be a timeless classic as you down your beers and appletinis, but right now, it’s time on the radio needs to stop. Can we get a Resting in the Deep?)

She’s most commonly compared to the late Amy Winehouse, a bad ass female bromo who has recently joined the 27 Club, because Americans don’t seem to know any other female British singers of her soulful cadence and ability to drive forward and do what she wants. Both have/had beautiful voices and, as we’ve just now realized, very thick hair.

In fact, the only thing we hate more than somebody fucking up her songs during karaoke is when Kidz Bop has those annoying children covering her. Child, you are seven; what deep are you rolling in? Seriously, bitch?! WHAT DEEP?! Never have I wanted admittance into the Slap-a-ho tribe than I do when I see a Kidz Bop commercial… Wow, what a note to end on, eh?



We’ve been ignoring the gaymers recently, and for that we apologize. But how does one merge homo and gamer? We think this pic is a great start! Found on Tumblr, we adore cute little Eevee and all it’s eevolutions (terrible pun) with Rihanna’s ever-changing style! Enjoy your Sunday evening! ❤

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So, I thought I’d move off the beaten path a bit to talk about something random. Bigger and better than anything you ever knew, is my favorite animal: The Leopard.

Not only great for providing inspiration for bags and shoes (I’m still looking for an affordable pair, but if you’re of means, hop on over to a fellow leopard-print lover to check out these beauties below),

Leopards are amazingly bomb-tastic. They are adaptable and can live anywhere from the tip of South Africa to the coast of Morocco. And they aren’t only on the African continent. They span through the middle east, South Asia, and all the way into Far East Asia into Korea.

Many people have animals that they identify with and call on to gather strength during tough times. When I’m trying to own something, I call on the leopard. Those who know it know that it is rather solitary and private. The leopard prefers to sit away and observe; they would rather know what is going on before jumping into anything like some kind of n00b. Always go in with a plan, a kill move, and at least three exit strategies. But by the way bitches be wearin’ it like it’s their job, you’d think the leopard were a common beast.The leopard is NOT a common beast, nor is it a common whore. That pussy is expensive! 😉

Another thing the leopard excels at is patience. In the wild, a leopard will literally stalk prey for hours without moving, waiting for the right time to strike in an explosive display of speed and power. What’s even more, they’re cunning and adaptive. In order to take down a member of a zebra herd, one leopard was reported to have rolled around in mud and elephant dung in order to conceal its scent, and while stalking the herd, actually played dead, waiting for it’s target to come closer! That’s what I’m talking about! (Minus the poop.)

The bromo would be shrewd to imitate the leopard’s qualities. Leopards are the smallest of the big cats, but are no means the most helpless. In fact, it’s their size and mental strength that gives them the edge over bigger animals like the football players lions and tigers. Talk about real power play!!