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Bromo Across the Board: MARVELous DC Publishing


“He’s someone you would want to watch over your children,” Robinson said of *@&#. “Presenting that kind of a heroic role model hopefully will be a good thing and help to show gays in a positive light for people who might be a little more small-minded.”

Can’t figure out who’s being referred to? Well, random nonsensical characters tend to do that. But this Bromo isn’t cruel, so here are some hints:

  1. He’s represented by the color green.
  2. His logo is a lantern. That’s green.

Figured it out? If not, it’s the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott! Today (June 1) is the day that the Green Lantern was re-conceptualized as being gay, amongst other DC universe changes: Superman is no longer married to Lois Lane, a criminal organization is operating in Gotham City (if not running it entirely) without Batman’s knowledge, etc. Here’s the rest of the story.

Now that that’s done with, let’s figure out what this means for the Green Lantern. Being gay-ified, will he become the Pink Lantern? Will his skin-tight costume become any tighter? (Please, please, please say yes!) Will his baking skills increase tenfold? When in the bar, will his wingman actually be a woman named Giulia who’s a sassy, hot Italian with a penchant for boosting the confidence of her gay boys and getting them to play nice with others? … Slightly serious about that last one.

At any rate, this represents a new face on an old race. The Race for Representation among comic titles is now entering its Queer phase. Whereas the hot topic was the inclusion of African-Americans during the Civil Rights era and the anti-discriminatory messages post-9/11 concerning Arabs and Muslims, the messages that “Gay is OK” are saturating the pages of comics like never before. And whether it’s profit-driven or not, I salute both Marvel and D.C. for their taking steps to be socially responsible media producers. And speaking of Marvel, did you know that Northstar is getting married?

Our bromo Northstar of the X-Men, the hot Canadian Jean-Paul Beaubier, is getting married on June 27, 2012! And to those who aren’t with the times, Northstar isn’t getting gay-married, he isn’t getting a civil union, he’s getting married! His partner, Kyle Jinadu, is Northstar’s brand manager and now fiancé, ever since Northstar rescued the kidnapped Jinadu from some baddies. Spectators predict a relationship filled with complications, based on the fact that Beaubier is a mutant and Jinadu is a baseline human, but they’ve agreed to meet on common ground since neither can gain much traction in the other’s social sphere. This Bromo sees a beautiful life ahead for the two lovebirds.

In order to RSVP and secure your spot at the wedding, you can pick up a copy of Astonishing X-Men (#51) when it’s published! I can hear the bells, can you?